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Hi Everyone,

September is a month of many treasured things – the arrival of fall, pumpkin everything, the return to dog walking on the beach, autumn recipes, and so much more. But nothing is more anticipated than the annual Live Like Renee 5k walk hosted by Ovarian Cancer 101, happening September 19th, 10:00, at Dowses Beach in Osterville.

My husband Ken and I have been fortunate enough to participate in this amazing day for the past several years. It is an event whose extraordinary sense of support, friendship, advocacy, and hope are shared by all who attend – survivors, caregivers, friends, family, and all who are lucky enough to experience this most special day.

As a woman with Ovarian Cancer, I am overwhelmed each year by the outpouring of camaraderie, friendship, and love that permeates the atmosphere. It is beyond uplifting. As we arrive at the venue, we feel the instant connection to everyone. The sense of isolation that a cancer patient often feels is swept away by the wave of smiles, high fives, hugs, and warm atmosphere. It is truly an experience that people are sharing together. On this day people join to fight Ovarian Cancer, to bring awareness of the illness to all, and to support one another. This is a time when political affiliations and religious beliefs go right out the window, as everyone there unites in one committed cause.

I am looking forward to this year’s walk as I always do. Perhaps even more so this year, as I am dealing with some rising blood counts, and newly found enlarged lymph nodes. That feeling of isolation I mentioned earlier, often rears its ugly head during times when the illness is active. So knowing that I have the “Live Like Renee” walk right down the road, is so very helpful.

If you have the opportunity to join us on the 19th, please consider doing so. It is a most memorable day, one that touches everyone, as we come together to extend support, and advocate for Ovarian Cancer awareness.

And we’re off!

‘Til next time,

MJ Keenan

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