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A Most Special Day

Hi Everyone,

Well, another Live Like Renee 5K has come and gone. As always, it was a most moving day. People bonded over a common endeavor, supporting each other, sharing a cause near and dear to everyone’s heart. People made new friends, laughed, and shared the hope we all have, as we continue to work on raising awareness and finding a cure.

Renee’s son Hayden donned teal hair, a teal tutu, and teal wings as he raised funds and honored his Mom. I know she was so proud of him. There were teal tutus galore, along with teal boas, headbands, hats, and more, all igniting the upbeat atmosphere of the day. Children of all ages walked, teal-decorated strollers held our newest participants, seniors strutted their support, decked-out dogs paraded along, families walked together, and teams walking in honor or memory of a loved one filled the route.

I reconnected with Steve Brito, a board member of Ovarian Cancer 101, and former parent of one of my all-time favorite students, Mark Brito. When he found out that I had Ovarian Cancer, he said he would be running for me. I was so moved. He made my day. He is a true gem of a man, someone who I always admired. This was the icing on the cake for me, capping off such a special day!

We heard some amazing news at the event. Abcodia, a group from the UK, was there to share information about a new Ovarian Cancer screening tool called the Roca test, that detects Ovarian Cancer very early, before symptoms surface. This test will soon be available in the US. Such important, life-changing news! Everyone was thrilled! It made an already amazing day even more special!

Even more powerful was the way local and state groups came to the event, to celebrate Ovarian Cancer 101’s amazing work, and to lift each other up in the spirit of collaboration and cooperation. Dancing For a Cure (Breast and Ovarian Cancer Group from Cotuit), Cape Cod Healthcare, Team Maureen (Cervical Cancer Group from Falmouth), Abcodia (the new Roca test), Myriad (BRCA testing), and the Ovarian License Plate Initiative all lent a hand to show their support and further their joint cause. The Upper Cape Spartan players and cheerleaders, Riverview School students and staff, radio personality Stephanie Viva, and of course, Ken Foster, who always donates his time and his grill truck, were all on hand to volunteer, participate, and lend their voices to the cause.

I am already thinking ahead to next year, looking forward to the event. It is my hope to bring more people to join us, to be a part of something so big, to lend our voices, and our feet, to this amazing cause. Much thanks to Diane and Bob Riche, and the entire Ovarian Cancer 101 organization, for once again creating such a beautiful, hope-filled day.

‘Til Next Time,


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