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Well, I Didn’t See THAT Coming!

Hi Everyone,                                                                                                                                                  It has been a long time since my last blog. I have been in and out of the hospital since last October, dealing with a new issue. When […]

Old Friends

Hi Everyone, I’ve recently gone back into treatment for my Cancer. I am receiving chemotherapy and a biologic, and we go every other week.  All of the usual emotions you […]

Supporting Each Other

Hi Everyone, This week I attended Ovarian Cancer 101’s Gynecological Cancers Support Group. The meeting is one that always fosters support, understanding, and compassion. Attendees are dealing with different Cancers, […]

Identity Crisis

Hi Everyone! I think we as Cancer patients are constantly dealing with trying to hold onto ourselves, our very identity, as we are so impacted by chemo side effects, the […]

And Away We Go!

Hi Everyone, No matter how many times I go through chemo, I am always amazed at how it catches me off guard, surprising me with all of its twists and […]

Plot Twist!

Hi Everyone, I recently had my latest scan and MRI to check on the status of my Cancer. I went through all the usual fears and worries as I had […]

Surprise, Surprise

Hi Everyone, Recently I was invited by Diane Riche of Ovarian Cancer 101, to attend their first Gynecologic Cancer Support Group. I said yes immediately, wanting to support the efforts […]