I recently had my latest scan and MRI to check on the status of my Cancer. I went through all the usual fears and worries as I had the scans, then waited for the results. Well, this time my tests showed a spread of my Cancer. I had a torrent of emotions all hit me at once – “I can’t do this again”, “This time is the beginning of the end”, “I CAN do this”, “I will conquer”, “I will be fine” – all jumbled up and coming at me at once. I think my husband Ken’s hand is still recovering from me squeezing so hard. The only thing to do was to focus on making a treatment plan, and moving forward. So off to chemo I would go.

I began chemo this week. Riding up to MGH, I was again thinking “I can’t do this”. But as soon as I got there, and connected with my doctor and her staff, I felt relieved. We were there. We were starting. We would do this. Saint Ken was right by my side, so onward we would go together. I had my labs. They gave me the green light to start chemo, so off we went.

The Infusion Unit at MGH is nothing short of amazing. The compassion and expertise make you feel so safe and so cared for. My regular Infusion Nurse, the amazing Greg, was not there, so I had the wonderful Alison take me. I cannot say enough about this fabulous group of caregivers. My infusion takes several hours. During that time I had all kinds of amazing attention, including a massage and Reflexology treatment. Ken and our son Will were with me, I had a visit from my former Music Therapist, now the head of Therapies, who will be setting my up with Music Therapy, Massage, Acupuncture, Reiki, and Reflexology. This is why I always refer to my chemo treatments as my “Spa Days”!

Chemo went very well. Just a bump in the road with my IV, so they’ll be putting a port in to help me with that. After finishing my first treatment, I felt a tremendous sense of relief – yes, I was in control, and I would do everything I could to fight this. I have my family, friends, health team, and Ovarian Cancer 101 Support Group at my back. We were all actively fighting this together. My feelings waver, but it truly has made a difference to have that first treatment. I try to put aside the worries of chemo treatments, and focus on the fact that it is blasting away my Cancer cells.

So onward we go!

“Til Next Time,