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Old Friends

Hi Everyone,

I’ve recently gone back into treatment for my Cancer. I am receiving chemotherapy and a biologic, and we go every other week.  All of the usual emotions you would expect have surfaced, catapulting me onto that ever winding roller coaster ride that is so emotional.

Along with the scary, churning emotions that come with a return to treatment, I have rediscovered a haven of solace, of help, and of comfort.  I am seeing people who have become friends and confidants, from my doctor and her staff, to my infusion nurse, to the members of the Supportive Care Services.

My doctor and her staff have created such a trusting, open atmosphere for my husband and I to come into, letting us share all our concerns, from the very real to the ridiculous, with no judgement, and no limits. We see our doctor and staff each time we go to treatment. They are so comforting, so caring, and ready to be completely immersed in their attention to us. We feel so protected, and so bolstered to go forward.

Our infusion nurse Greg is nothing short of amazing. He knows everything we need before we’ve even asked, be it an explanation, a type of care, sage advice, or tips on how to deal with side effects. He shares his boundless love for life, and incredible humor with us, literally welcoming us with open arms and a huge hug each and every time we come! We have become close friends and can’t imagine going through all this without Greg by our side.

Last but not least is our incredible Supportive Care team who helps to create the “Spa Day” feeling we always have. Be it music therapy, massage, acupuncture or Reiki, I receive the most thoughtful, restorative services that truly help enrich and soften my visit and make me feel so cared for and nurtured. No matter whether I am playing a tongue drum, getting a foot massage, receiving acupuncture or Reiki, I am totally immersed in what I am involved with, muffling the actual reason for the visit, and making me have experiences that cancer cannot take from me.

All these most special people, these old friends, help to usher us forward with care and compassion, as they strengthen our resolve, commitment, and positive attitude, sharing their expertise and compassion with us as we continue on this path.  It is because of them, as well as our loving friends and family, that we remain steadfastly on course, forging ahead, living each day, and each experience to the fullest.

‘Til Next Time,

MJ Keenan