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The Rant

Hi Everyone,

In my recent blogs, I have tried to share the importance of not letting cancer define you. I truly believe in staying positive, in taking nothing for granted, in appreciating the little things, and on staying in the now.

One of the things I have not talked about is anger. Though I believe in staying upbeat and hope-filled, I also believe there is a definite place for anger. Letting out your anger is healthy, staying stuck in it isn’t. That’s a tough skill to master.

Why does this come up for me now? It is because my brother Bill, who I adore and am very close to, has been diagnosed with Glioblastoma, a very difficult type of brain cancer. He has had surgeries to remove a tumor. The tumor resurfaced as is inoperable. He is undergoing treatment now. Before that he had Prostate Cancer, complete with complications from surgery, which he battled for a year and had just conquered, then this.

Combine all this with the loss of our sister Maggie four years ago to Breast Cancer, after she successfully battled Melanoma – well, I have reached my threshold. It seems I can stay upbeat, positive, and truly grateful for all I have, when I deal with my own illness. But let it hurt my loved ones, and the anger flares.

I know it is wrong to let anger consume you, but it is difficult not to allow it to rear its ugly head sometimes, when you are feeling particularly vulnerable. When this happens for me, I sometimes withdraw, but then realize I need to talk – talk to my husband, my family, my friends, and talk in my blog. Everyone dealing with Cancer in any aspect – patient, caregiver, family member, relative, friend, medical staff, fundraiser, etc. all need a place and time to vent their frustration, anger, and fear. It is a key piece to our overall wellness. So vent when you need to – it is a necessary part of your healing.

Thank you so, so much for letting me share mine here. Means so much.

‘Til Next Time,

MJ Keenan

One thought on “The Rant

  1. Anger is a very normal, healthy reaction to what you and your family have been going through. Go there, vent, and try to let it go. It’s not always possible, but it is better than keeping it inside and letting it fester into an ugly sore.

    I wish you and your family easier times and friends to lean on as you go through these difficult times.

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