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Free Early Access testing with a new technology through Below the Belt Women’s Cancer Outreach.

Would you like to contribute to on-going research, while potentially learning what drugs your cancer cells may be sensitive to, BEFORE you put those drugs in your body?  If so, you should check out Travera.  We do not have a formal relationship with them, but I am so excited about the early work they are doing in therapy selection, I simply felt compelled to share.

Travera offers a new clinical diagnostic test developed at MIT and initially validated for cancer with Dana Farber to predict clinical response to as many as 20 cancer drug therapies against your live cancer cells. You simply have a small sample of your live cancer cells sent to Travera in a special test kit, and about two days later, your doctor receives an analysis of cellular response against as many as 20 different drugs, so you can better choose your next bridge therapy.

As a CLIA-approved test, this assay is currently only available in the US and will require an order from your testing physician, but Travera can help you get that order. The test is available via clinical trial or Early Access Program.  It is early and investigational, so you should know that going in, but the early data is encouraging, and the company is keenly focused on expanding their experience with ovarian cancer.

If you are expecting to have surgery, a biopsy, or malignant fluid drain (ascites or pleural effusion) anytime soon, you should reach out and see if Travera can work with you.

This brief video describes a great deal more or you can contact them directly by completing the contact form at the bottom of the ovarian cancer page of their website…or email dwatson@travera.com

Make sure to let them know you learned about this through Below the Belt Women’s Cancer Outreach, so you can be sure to get access to the free program.