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Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Hi Everyone,

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. As each September rolls around, I am reminded of the amazing people, and organizations, who advocate tirelessly each and every day of the year, raising funds, supporting research, and educating people about Ovarian Cancer. Ovarian Cancer 101, Dancing for a Cure, and Girlygirl P.A.R.T.S. are three local groups who have made, and continue to make, a difference in the lives of Ovarian Cancer patients, their caregivers, and their families.
Ovarian Cancer 101, and its founder Diane Riche, are constantly looking for opportunities to make people aware of Ovarian Cancer and its symptoms. This amazing group has had 5Ks, has created an informational booklet sharing support and medical information to guide and inform Ovarian Cancer patients, sponsors a program that educates medical students about Ovarian Cancer, hosts a support group (first meeting is October 3rd at CapeSpace at 6:30 on Independence Drive in Hyannis), gives out information cards with illness symptoms listed, attends many events to share info, marches in parades handing out symptom cards, and so much more.
Dancing for a Cure, founded by Susan Mendoza Friedman, has a yearly Dance Marathon in February (their 8th marathon is February 10th, 2018 at Mashpee Highschool). They will be hosting Laughing For a Cure this October 7th at Double Tree Hyannis at 7:00. Their volunteers offer support and baked treats to patients receiving treatment at the Hematology Oncology Specialists of Cape Cod. DFAC is affiliated with Friends of Dana Farber. DFAC’s fundraising efforts go to supporting researchers at Dana Farber to help find a cure.
Girlygirl P.A.R.T.S. , founded by Laura Petze Smith and Jill Romeo Di-Tommaso, holds a 5k walk/run each year (this year it is on September 16th, 9:00 am, at Craigville Beach in Hyannis). They raise funds to support Ovarian Cancer research, to find a screening tool that will detect Ovarian Cancer in its early stages.
Because of these amazing groups, those of us who live with Ovarian Cancer feel less isolated, knowing that these dedicated individuals are working round the clock, throughout the year, to help and support us. They help us to feel less alone, as they create a community of compassion and hope, reaching out to patients, their caregivers, and their families, letting us know we are not alone.
So during this month of awareness, let us remember all those who are working tirelessly to support us, to find screening tools, and to find a cure.

‘Til Next Time,

MJ Keenan

Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer:
bloating, abdominal pain, difficulty eating-feeling full quickly, urinating more frequently, constipation, weight gain or loss, pelvic or back pain, vaginal discomfort or bleeding